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We hope you’re surviving this epic winter weather! I saw a funny meme the other day that said: “We wanted a Winter but not all in one weekend!”  I feel like that has happened to us this February.  Even with all the snow, we have a slew of brave buyers and sellers willing to buy and move in this snowy mess.  I have always thought that if our market stays strong through a brutal winter it would also stay strong through our amazing summer.  Admittedly, I am not an economist but it makes sense to me and has proven true for the years I have been selling in North Idaho. 

This month, I wanted to take a minute and share with you some info about our team members and what we love most about working as agents on The Broker Sinclair Team.  If you or someone you know might be interested in a career in real estate, please reach out to me.  We are in the process of hiring two Buyer’s Agents and a Transaction Coordinator to help us keep up with all the activities associated with running a top team while maintaining the level of service our clients deserve.

“I love helping people achieve things they thought were never possible.  Whether it’s buying an investment property to fund their retirement or kids’ college fund, or moving across town to live in their dream home on one level.  I love the process of helping a customer talk through all their options and watching them light up as they key in on what’s most important to them.  The cherry on top is being able to be their trusted advisor along for the ride to help them achieve those goals.  I get to use my 20 years of experience to simplify the process and help make it a reality.  It’s really the best job in the world.  I’m a lucky guy to be able to do what I love and earn a living doing it.” — John Thomas
“It’s exciting for me to be able to walk my clients through the home-buying process, and use my skill and experience to navigate the hurdles and questions that inevitably arise. Since real estate can be intimidating and often confusing, I enjoy being able to simplify the experience, and offer careful guidance. My goal for every person I interact with is that they will not only end up with a home that they love, but also gain confidence and clarity regarding the power of owning real estate to build security and wealth.” — Stephen
“It is such a joy to see someone needing and asking for help in an area of their life where I can use my knowledge and experience to help them reach their goals. My focus when working with my clients is always answering, “How can I help them reach their goals this year?” As the answer to this question may or may not be to buy or sell, this is where looking and finding solutions other than the traditional real estate process begins. Solving problems and finding solutions ignites a drive in me. The sense of accomplishment to not only finding the solution but also seeing the smile and happiness from a new homeowner or a seller as they realize how much equity they have in their property is very special.” — Daniel
“I love working with a team of people who are committed to providing world-class service to their clients.  John Thomas, Stephen, and Daniel are outstanding at what they do and it’s a joy to support them administratively as they seek to exceed expectations!  I also really enjoy working with clients to help simplify the process by scheduling inspections, finding a repairman, or helping answer questions over the phone. Doing anything to help relieve some of the stress in buying or selling is rewarding for me. Ultimately, it is so exciting to play a part in making someone’s dreams comes true.” — Hannah
We love being your North Idaho real estate resource.  Thank you so much for the trust you’ve placed in us!  If you hear of anyone looking to buy or sell, please reach out to us.  We are happy to meet with buyers or sellers for a no-obligation consultation to help them discover their possibilities and make the best decision for their future. 

Take care,

John Thomas Sinclair
Owner / CEO
The Broker Sinclair Team
Keller Williams Realty CDA
Mobile: 208.818.8385
Email: JT@BrokerSinclair.com 

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