Hi Friends,

First of all, it’s March and it seems weird to even be talking about why we are still fighting remnants of Ole Man Winter.  Here are some ideas that can help you prep for a great Spring. If you are as tired of winter as I am, you may want to take me up on some of these tips!


How to Get Rid of The Remnants of Winter

* If you’re one of those people with all the snow poles in the ground, please pull them and store for next winter. You are really jinxing us all and begging for more snow!

* Use the extra warmth to clean the dirty grungy garage you’ve been avoiding.

* If you still have snow in shady areas and it drives you nuts as it does me… take a shovel and break it up then let the sun do the rest.

* Sweep all the rocks from the snow plows into a pile and use your snow shovel to throw them away!  Get rid of them, they won’t magically turn to dirt and grow grass!

* Under my mounds of snow I know we have gloves, cups, and all other sorts of debris that have been hiding under a blanket of snow.  Once it melts, take a garden rake and do a once over of the yard.

* Pet poo…  if you’ve been avoiding it all winter… now is your time to take care of it.  Bite the bullet and deal with it so you can enjoy all of our Spring.

I tackled most of this last weekend.  It was great to be outside and getting things back in shape.  Hope this inspires you to get a jump on Spring and knock out some of those pesky projects no one actually does in the Winter.

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