Hey friends,

Woo hoo! Spring has sprung and the sun is out.  The temperature is finally rising, and we are all coming out of our winter hibernation! Springtime is gorgeous here and the team and I love it. (Who doesn’t?) We thought we’d share some of our favorite things to do with our families in this fantastic community we get to call home. . . 
John Thomas: Silverwood early Spring is a blast.  The lines are shorter and the tourists have yet to inundate the park.  We also love to meader the gardens at Manitou Park in Spokane.  (I should clarify by “we”; I mean my wife, Amanda, loves to!)  It’s a free outing and the girls love it.  We usually get ice cream at the end, so I’m game to tag along.  I also love the energy of all the triathlons and marathons and like to cheer on the athletes from the sidelines.  The kids love getting to spend more time at the parks.  Their favorite parks are McEuen Park and Fort Sherman Park.  Most Spring weekends are spent outside somewhere!  Luckily we are blessed to live in an area of so much fun stuff to do outside!
Stephen: The fam and I like to hike Tubbs Hill.  Our favorite swimming hole is at Mill River.  The kids can jump off the docks or play on the sandy beach.  We love to get ice cream at Rogers in CdA.  In Post Falls we like to hike to the the falls and feed the ducks at Falls Park. We also love to rent a boat on Lake CDA for an afternoon, watch fireworks, swim in our pool, and jump on the tramp. It’s a blast! 
Daniel: Molly and I like to take the kids to hike Canfield, Tubbs Hill or any other trail/mountain we can get our feet on. We love to go to Silverwood and take in the great views while at the top of the roller coasters. When we aren’t hiking or at Silverwood, we love to bike to the beach as a family and enjoy the refreshing waters on our feet as we play games.  Raising a family in the Northwest is stellar, so many free activities within minutes of our front door.

Needless to say, we all love living here. If you know anyone who is looking to relocate to the area, let us know! We’d love to be their North Idaho real estate resource. 

Now, get on outside and have some fun!  

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