Hi friends,

I cried wolf and said I was going to sell my house this summer. In doing so, I consulted with some key people. I asked my accountant about my tax situation, my bookkeeper about how to code past projects that we thought would be a longterm business on the property, and I had our new listing agent, and my business partner, Daniel Preston, come assess my house to give me an independent idea of what to do to sell our house and an idea of what we could get for it. Sure, I could have done that myself but I value his opinion and knew a set of fresh non-biased eyes would be helpful. 

We bought our house as a fixer two years ago. After two non-stop years of working on this fixer, the project became overwhelming. I felt I couldn’t catch up and would never be able to relax in my own home. Everything was really lining up for me to list my house and sell a dream property all because I couldn’t find the energy to push through and finish.

I consulted lots of people. I called my dad, a group of friends over an Easter Egg hunt, agents on my team, etc… We were really moving towards selling our home.

For me to get the most for our property, Daniel made a list of all the things we’d need to do to get it ready to list and achieve the best value. Amanda and I set out a plan of lining up lots of vendors to do all the projects that I promised to get to someday.  We called in favors and doubled up on crews coming to finish projects. But as the crews made so much headway, something weird happened. 

I began to feel a weight lift off my shoulders. The beast of a project that was so overwhelming became more manageable and I could see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Nagging projects got conquered and I began to see how living in my house as a finished house would feel much better. I began to believe that maybe I could relax at this house. 
We decided to call off selling the house but to keep pushing with our schedule to finish the punch list.  

“What’s the point, JT?” All that to say, I would have never figured this out without my team of consultants. When you are toying with different real estate options, please feel free to call us. We want to be part of your conversation to help you talk through options and come up with a great plan that works for you. Even when it may mean you, like me, decide to stay right where you are. Lean on us, we’re here to help you navigate your real estate options. 
Have a great summer and don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can help with! 
JTS + The Team

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