Just like the weather, the Kootenai County real estate market is staying hot, hot, HOT! Demand is intense and supply is short. We are continuing to see massive appreciation despite assumptions that COVID-19 would trigger a decline. 

Are you wondering what’s putting all the pressure on our inventory?

Curious about the impact COVID-19 is making?

Do you want to know what smart agents are doing differently? 

I took Lilli and Lincoln on a hike at the Caribou Ridge trail recently and decided to answer all those questions and explain the reasons behind this amazing appreciation we’re seeing. Click below to watch my short 4-part series. 

We truly appreciate your support and for always thinking of us when you hear of friends or family looking to buy or sell in this amazing area. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can help with. 

Take care!
JTS + Team

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